Thank You for your interest in Diamond Music Digital Distribution service, Diamond Music Digital Dist. Is tapped into a network of more than 350 digital music stores, subscription services and mobile partners worldwide, including the ITunes Music Store, eMusic, Sprint Music Store, MTV Urge, Verizon's V Cast, Napster, Virgin Mega, T- Online, Yahoo!, FNAC, and RealNetworks' Rhapsody through it's direct relationships with eMusic and IODA. Both services have pacted with Diamond Music at advantageous terms.

Diamond Music Digital Distribution service will collect your material, including CDs, artwork, videos, one sheets and other promotional material, enhances all audio and video material in our studio in preparation for creation of various formatted files and metadata suitable for each service (if needed), deliver all material to the services, collect and account for all activity generated as accounted to, generally within 45 days of receiving payment. Diamond Music Digital Distribution service also markets and promotes to the digital services, using material you supply, to drive on-line and off-line sales via Promonet, IODA'S groundbreaking digital marketing platform. Promonet allows labels to reach the Internet's most valuable tastermakers; the 2,500 digital retailers, music websites, social networks, bloggers, pocasters, Internet Radio programmers. And music supervisors around the world that are members of the growing Promonet promotional distribution network. Any videos provided will also be made available to mobil video streaming services including Viva!Vision, broadcasting on Verizon's VCast service and Amp'd Mobile.

Diamond Music Digital Distribution services are excluxive as to th outlets it reaches(we have to be exclusive to avoid the service getting the same material from more than one source) and charges only 30% for it services. We also pomote your music for ringtones, truetones, ringback tones, personality tones, film and TV use on a non-exclusive basis for higher fee. A list of outlets receiving your material from us can be prvided upon request. Our license is for three (3) year and automatically renews for successive one (1) year periods. Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions or wish to go ahead and start working with us. I look forward to hearing from you. Contact: 787-587-1115